Monday, May 19, 2008


We've made some good friends here in Canada. One of our friends is Jacob. He's from Nova Scotia and when he lived there, he worked as a fisherman. Specifically lobster. Last week he invited some friends over for a lobster massacre... I mean, dinner... and showed us how it's done. It was a pretty fun time and definitely cultural! Here are some pictures of our dinner.

Our unsuspecting prey!! Before dinner, the boys had the live lobsters cutting our carrots with their claws!

This, according to Jacob, is what a cooked lobster is supposed to look like. :)

First, you break off the tail, then dump out the "tom nelly" (whatever that is!), and scoop out the meat from the tail.

Then, Jacob showed us how to chop open the claw to get the best meat out. It wasn't so bad the first time we hacked open a lobster claw, but it started to get pretty messy!

The little tiny legs have pretty good meat in them too, believe it or not. And despite the look in Jason's face, he really liked his lobster!

Greg and Leah did a pretty good job of dissecting their oceanic friends.

That's our friend Jacob in the red shirt, I think he enjoyed watching us fumble our way through eating the sea bugs!

The aftermath. Quite the mess, eh? Believe me, this picture doesn't do it justice. I think there were lobster parts on the ceiling...

Thanks Jacob!!!