Saturday, February 21, 2009

Preparing for the Detox Diet!! =)

Every so often, we decide that it's time for a detox diet. Now, just for the record, these aren't crazy diets where you only drink hot sauce and eat peanuts or something. No, no. Our detox diets are pretty much just eating REAL food and leaving out a few things like dairy and sugar, etc.
Well, we're planning to start this diet on Monday. So what did we do today? Made Cream Puffs of course!!

I think we're both ready for our detox diet now!! Wish us luck!! =)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Preparing for the Field

While we're doing our deputation at home, we've come to learn how faithful God really is toward us. In more ways than we enjoy, God is preparing us for the mission field. =)

You see, we're living in a really old farmhouse (that we honestly are so very thankful for) that has it's own personality. Especially in the winter time. Although the house was only vacant for a few years before we moved in, we recently learned that no one has lived here during the winter in at least 50 years! No wonder we've seen our share of 'winter woes'! =)
So, what does this have to do with prepping for the field? Well, let me share some of our 'woes' and perhaps it will all make sense to you.

First, our water pipes froze and we were without water for about two days. I like to tell myself that I lived without running water for a year so I could handle it. Well, during that year I still had a shower and other bathroom amenities! Lucky for us, it was only a few days and the problem was solved. However, during that week, we lost water one other time for a leak. Maybe God is prepping us for life REALLY without running water.

Next, probably my favorite, is when our washer started to act up. I was doing a load of laundry one morning and I went to put some fabric softener in when I saw water spraying everywhere! Again, living in an old farmhouse, the plumbing isn't exactly...code. Anyway, the pipe that drains the water OUT of the washer was frozen up. So, with a washer full of water, what were we to do? Enter the buckets.

It was quite entertaining actually. We could have gotten really frustrated, but we just laughed as we raced bucket after bucket outside to dump it in the yard!

It's amazing how much water you use in every load of laundry!! I was reminded of Jungle Camp and washing my clothes in a bucket with a plunger. It doesn't sound so bad compared to racing buckets of water outside! Maybe when we're on the field I'll opt for washing our clothes by hand. haha! Maybe. =)

Last (for now) is our most recent episode. It's very interesting because on Wednesday, we were talking to our friend Hemp in Thailand. She was saying how it can sometimes get pretty cold there at night, like 40F. She's from PA and no weenie but 40F with no heat and no insulation can seem pretty cold. Thursday morning, our heat stopped working. And we have no insulation. I felt like I could really sympathize with my missionary friend, Hemp! I thought "maybe someday this will be real life everyday." Fortunately, our heat was fixed this afternoon (Friday) so we don't have to endure this harsh Michigan winter without it!

The Lord is definitely preparing us spiritually, relationally, and financially, but He doesn't forget the practical side of missionary life either!