Monday, July 20, 2009

An important gardening lesson...

This is what happens when you don't check your garden every day this time of year! It's been about two or three days since we last checked the veggies so we went out this morning to see what we could see. Here's what we picked today:
23 cucumbers
13 potatoes
4 zucchini
4 jalapenos
2 kohlrabi
1 green pepper
a bunch of pea pods

We are very thankful, especially because the deer have been having a heyday with our corn, carrots and melon. Our green beans are ready to pick in the next day or so. We are concerned with one thing: we'll be gone for about 6 days next week. I think we need someone to pick for us while we're away!


  1. Oh, those all look SOOOOOOOOOOO fresh!! :) How fun to get veggies when you haven't looked in a while.... kind of like a mail box when you have been gone. Here there are no flyers to clutter the box, just emptyness usually... sigh. :) Enjoy the cucs!

  2. You have a whole meal there! We're getting cucumbers and peppers now! Beans very soon. I have green tomatoes... waiting for them to ripen. Mom made 5 pints of bread and butter pickles last night. And I think we'll be making our first dill this week! So excited to have all of our canning going and to have all of the food to eat this winter!

  3. Good job!! :)

    Some of those cukes look like they'd make some good pickles!!!

  4. Those veggies are looking good! We just enjoyed some cucs from our neighbors garden. I made our first ever cuc. sandwich and it was so delic!!!!!

  5. Let me just say this one more time... I really wish you were still next door!! Those look yummy! I have'nt eaten a kohlrabi in years:) We'd take some off your hands if we were closer!!

  6. That is awesome guys- going green with the garden? ;) Wish we could look after your veggies while you're gone, where are you off to?
    P.S. Could you write me your mailing address when you have a chance??